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CRISPOR Batch Gene Targeting Assistant: Paste a list of genes to download a list of guides

Note: if you are planning a saturating mutagenesis screen, e.g. of a non-coding sequence, this is not the right tool. Submit your sequence on the normal CRISPOR page, then use the link 'Saturating mutagenesis' at the top of the guide table to get oligonucleotides of all guides in the input sequence. Both tools are best used in conjunction with our wet-lab protocol

Lentiviral screen library:
Number of guides per gene:
Number of non-targeting control guides (max: 1000):
Subpool barcode:

Enter a list of gene symbols, Entrez Gene IDs or Refseq IDs, one per line (case-insensitive):
You may need to convert old symbols. Type 'all' below to get all guides in the library and no gene filtering

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